Solar and Energy Storage: The symbiotic relationship


Solar and Energy Storage: The symbiotic relationship As solar energy continues to gain trust globally with consumers looking for a clean renewable energy option to reduce their electricity bills and help keep their lights on when paired with a battery, advancements in battery technology need to keep pace to meet this growing demand. If not, consumers are simply left with wasted energy on days they don’t need it and not enough when the clouds come out. This panel explores the important relationship between solar power and battery storage. What are the new technological breakthroughs in solar, battery and other components that serve as the brains for the operation (i.e. power electronics like the PV inverter)? How can these advancements help overcome current obstacles of cost and inefficiency? What does this mean for current power grids? Speakers: Cormac Gilligan, Associate Director, Solar and Energy Storage, IHS Markit Michael Grasso, EVP, Chief Marketing and Growth Office, Sunnova Matteo Jaramillo, CEO and Co-founder, Form Energy Leonardo Moreno, President, AES Clean Energy

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