CERAWeek and OGCI Methane Special Video


In this new video from CERAWeek, in partnership with OGCI Climate Investments, we present a view of the methane emissions measurement, monitoring, and abatement challenge - and solutions that are available to the industry today. As discussed recently at COP26, methane emissions are being addressed by governments on a global scale, and by companies across energy and hard-to-abate industries. Highly advanced imaging technologies combined with new digital tools are providing for more accurate and frequent measurement. Applied on the ground using remote sensors, or from satellite and aircraft, companies are able to identify the sources and address the emissions more efficiently. Hear how new technologies are being adopted to address this important issue from speakers from CERAWeek 2021 and more. Speakers Bob Dudley, Chairman, OGCI Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund Fiona Wild, Vice President Sustainability and Climate Change, BHP

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