Leadership Dialogue with Condoleezza Rice


The events of 2020 have exposed ruptures and rifts in some of the most fundamental relationships that shape our world: in global commerce and governance, economic development and financial security, racial relations within our societies, and perhaps most impactfully, our command of the forces of nature and biology. Healing the wounds from these divides will require the collective of action of individuals and institutions that is underpinned by common goals and shared interests and steered by inspirational leaders. In this CERAWeek Conversation, Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, and the current director of the Hoover Institution explores the path forward from the challenges of 2020. She shares her insights on how to foster better race relations in America, the importance of international alliances, and the defining attributes of learners and leaders to tackle the world’s toughest issues.

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