Citizens Energy Congress with Carlos Pascual


Redefining the Global Energy System to Enable a Sustainable Energy Transition With countries comprising around 80% of global GDP committed to net zero goals, the movement to a low-carbon future is proceeding with seemingly irreversible momentum. But how do the many pathways across countries and between industries in the global energy economy align? And how can governments, investors, and industry players optimize net zero policies and strategies with so many unknown variables? In this dialogue at the 2021 Citizens Energy Congress, IHS Markit Senior Vice President Carlos Pascual makes the case that energy transition, by addressing the shared global challenge of climate change, reestablishes the foundations for economic competition in the 21st century. Explore this conversation for insights on how the global community can productively manage that competition as it transforms the world’s energy system. Speaker Carlos Pascual, Senior Vice President, Global Energy, IHS Markit

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