Solar Power: A new growth curve?


Photovoltaics costs have decreased dramatically over the past decade, mostly driven by a sustained decline in module costs, which have fallen nearly 90% on average between 2010 and 2020. Going forward, the pace of solar technology innovation continues unabated despite continued declining PV system costs year over year. Further gains could come from a combination of incremental cost reduction to existing technological platforms but also through the emergence of new technologies. At the same time, the focus is shifting from reducing CAPEX to increasing the value over the lifetime of a project and reducing overall LCOE. How well positioned are the supply chain and downstream solar players to deliver on future cost reductions? How can past cost reductions be sustained in the future? What new technologies are on the horizon? How likely their success? Speakers Laura Beane, Chief Renewables Officer, ENGIE John Berger, Chief Executive Officer, Sunnova Solar Energy Corp. Pooja Goyal, Partner & Co-Head, Infrastructure Group; Co-Head of the Carlyle Global Infrastructure Opportunity Fund (CGI) and Head of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Fund, The Carlyle Group Chair Edurne Zoco, Executive Director, Clean Energy Technology, IHS Markit

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