The Quest for Better Batteries


Mateo Jaramillo, CEO & Co-Founder, Form Energy; Henrik Fisker, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Fisker; Dr. Elsa Olivetti, Associate Professor of Energy Studies, Department of Materials, Science & Engineering, MIT; Dr. Khalil Amine, Sr. Materials, GL/Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory; Sam Wilkinson, Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage Research, IHS Markit. Batteries will clearly play a fundamental role in the electrification of the transport system. Equally, they will also play a growing role in adding flexibility into the electricity system to cope with the potential impacts of rising electric vehicle charging infrastructure as well as increasing levels of renewable generation. A flurry of innovation is underway to develop next generation battery technology that seeks to addresses challenges of cost, supply chains, safety, and energy density How will battery technologies evolve in the future? What roles will they play? Will stationary battery energy storage help defray infrastructure costs for additional charging infrastructure?

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