Agora Studio: EV Charging Infrastructure: Conquering Range Anxiety


Despite prolific year-on-year growth of battery electric vehicles (BEV) in many major markets, consumer data points to public charging infrastructure as being a barrier to adoption for a potential “second wave” of more-cautious adopters. According to the 2020 IHS Markit Supply Chain & Technology E-Mobility Consumer Survey, range or a lack of charging infrastructure were among the top reasons not to buy or repurchase an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PEV). To provide a satisfactory charging experience, the right quantity and type of infrastructure needs to be provided in the right place, at an acceptable price, and with the utmost reliability. Is this aim possible? Are the corresponding business cases for infrastructure providers viable? Are clear infrastructure usage patterns emerging as more PEVs come to market? What are technology leaders developing to support such critical aims? Speakers Doron Frenkel, Chief Executive Officer, Driivz Alex Gruzen, Chief Executive Officer, WiTricity Jordan Ramer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EV Connect Chair Graham Evans, Director, Auto Supply Chain & Technology, IHS Markit

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