Storm over Plastics: Innovative technology solutions


Mircea Dincă, Associate Professor of Chemistry, MIT; Scott M. Gallager, Scientist, WHOI; Brett Howard, Director, Chemical Management, Regulatory & Technical Affairs, American Chemistry Council; Rachel Meidl, Fellow in Energy & Environment, Rice University; B. Ashok, Chief Executive Officer, Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited; Dewey Johnson, VP, Research & Analysis, IHS Chemical, IHS Markit . The growing global plastics sustainability movement is one of the biggest potential disruptors for the plastics industry and is putting future plastics resin demand and billions of dollars of industry investments at risk. Plastics have high energy that can be converted to electricity, synthetic gas, fuels, and feedstock. What are some of the innovative technologies that can enable energy recovery from plastics? What technology pathways are being developed to address single use plastics? How will the chemicals industry respond to the storm over plastics?

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