Sunnova Energy Corporation: Rapid acceleration of solar & energy services: What it means for the future grid


As more energy technologies converge in the home, residential solar, battery storage, and energy management are quickly transitioning from being disjointed product sales to a managed, integrated service. A growing number of hardware and software technologies are being woven together by large-scale energy services providers, such as Sunnova, to create nanogrids that can resiliently supply power and the management of that power based on the needs of a residential home and the local grid. This evolution is shifting the paradigm for the power industry from highly centralized to more and more decentralized, much like the transition that the Internet has undergone. The U.S. power industry is heading toward a hybrid of centralized and decentralized that will become more durable, more reliable, more decarbonized, and more personalized to the consumers it serves.

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