Strategic Dialogue I Asian Gas Demand: Options to maintain energy supply security


Responses to the high global LNG spot prices pulling cargoes into Europe have widely varied in markets across Asia. Going forward, the effect of the short-term market volatility on long-term gas demand will also diverge, depending on factors including energy demand growth expectation, resource availability, affordability, technology development plans and decarbonization goals in each market. What are the short-term supply options across Asia in the current energy crunch? How does the high spot price environment impact domestic gas price liberalization effort? Will the short-term market fundamentals reduce the role of natural gas in the region’s long-term energy mix? How do LNG suppliers support Asian gas markets secure supply while addressing the long-term decarbonization goal? SPEAKERS: Akshay Kumar Singh, Petronet LNG Ltd. Weiguo Shan, CNPC Economics and Technology Research Institute (ETRI) Izumi Kai, JERA Energy America LLC Dwi Soetjipto, SKK Migas CHAIR: Jenny Yang, S&P Global

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