Spotlight | Ministerial Plenary


The world has not faced a more daunting stress test than the energy transition to net zero while securing the energy supplies needed to sustain a global economy. Hydrocarbons pervade every aspect of life, from fuels and plastic to food and pharmaceuticals. How quickly can global demand shift? How will energy investment and supply meet these challenges? Will industrial sectors that hold critical technical knowledge and operational capacity be accepted as partners? What will be the social impacts? Energy ministers stand at the center of guiding and implementing this quest for security and transition along a path to net zero. SPEAKERS: H.E. Tarek El Molla, Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources Thiago Barral, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil Hon. Engr. Flavia Royon, Ministry of Economy of the Argentine Republic Amund Vik, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway CHAIR: Carlos Pascual, S&P Global Commodity Insights

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