Spotlight | The Business of Carbon Management


Transitioning the global economy to a low-carbon energy system will require a range of solutions—carbon capture, hydrogen, renewable power generation. While many of these are on the cusp of wide-scale deployment, uncertainties remain in cost and potential commercial strategies as firms look to create sustainable businesses out of their efforts. How will these new low-carbon value chains evolve? What new commercial models will arise, and who is best positioned to capture them? What policies and incentives can accelerate their advancement, and how can emerging sources of capital catalyze them? SPEAKERS: Jeff Gustavson, Chevron New Energies Tak Ishikawa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHI-A) Matthew Crocker, ExxonMobil Clio Crespy, Guggenheim Securities CHAIR: Carolyn Seto, S&P Global Commodity Insights

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