Spotlight | What Is the Role of Gas in Transition & Security?


Natural gas is the least carbon-intensive of fossil fuels, but ever-growing demands on reducing greenhouse gas emissions are changing the competitive landscape beyond the power sector. There are multiple pathways for natural gas in a low-carbon future and different trajectories and timelines will develop in different regional markets. Gas has already partly displaced more carbon-intensive coal in the United States and Europe, with markets in Asia set for coal-to-gas switching in the coming years. Can natural gas act as a stepping stone to lower-carbon energy systems, delivering low-carbon energy also in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors? What steps should companies take today to keep natural gas a viable fuel in the future? What is the role of blue hydrogen and renewable natural gas? SPEAKERS: Colin Parfitt, Chevron Paul Marsden, Bechtel Osama Mobarez, EMGF Sanzhar Zharkeshov, QazaqGaz CHAIR: Wolfgang Moehler, S&P Global

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